That Was Then… This is Now

That was Then.jpg

A quote from my personal Facebook Page one year ago:

“There’s this little known software company by the name of StaffStat, Inc. It’s changing the healthcare sector and our phone’s been ringing off the hook! Before 11am yesterday, we booked 4 demos and scheduled 2 meetings with prominent corporate prospects! We helped to cover an average of 58 shifts PER DAY last month. That’s 58 times PER DAY that because of StaffStat, more people were made aware, more people offered to come in on a day off and help out to work with a vulnerable population that would have otherwise been under-serviced! THIS, my friends is not a sales pitch; it’s a full-blown realization. We ARE making a difference. We ARE changing the status quo. We ARE from Azilda. We ARE women and we are monomaniacally focused on bringing our much needed solution to a HUGE problem. You heard it here on May 10th, 2016… StaffStat is going places and I am more than happy, proud and blessed to go along for the ride.”

I love Facebook’s “On This Day” feature because it allows me to reflect back on where we were, how enthusiastic I’ve always been for our solution and how far we’ve come!

Updates on the above include the following:

  1. I don’t think I would exactly describe us as “little known” anymore. We’ve seen consistent growth and as we continue to cruise the healthcare sector, the response “What do you do?” has been traded in for “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of you guys!”. That’s a solid trade-in if you ask this girl!
  2. Three of those four demos are now customers of StaffStat and one of those prominent meetings led to the signing of our first corporate contract.
  3. We’ve grown 380% in terms of our shift coverage! That’s right, StaffStat helps to cover 221 shifts per day. That’s an average savings of 165 hours/day that StaffStat puts back into long-term care, community supports and hospitals. Those hours are now being used to provide additional care, to ensure safety for residents and employees, and to improve processes in admissions and discharges. It’s a massive impact and we’re proud to put it out there! Imagine where we’ll be next year?
  4. We’ve since moved to Sudbury but we’re quite liberal about saying that we got our start in the A-Dot!
  5. We are still a team of women (we’ve actually added 3 fabulous ladies in a full-time capacity since this time last year) but we do have some testosterone in the office in the form of a placement student courtesy of Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology for the next 8 weeks (so glad to have you on board Amit!).

Some things, however, never change: We are making a difference across all of the sectors we serve. We are changing the status quo and I thank my lucky stars every single day that I was not only asked but was permitted to take the lead on this amazing project!

The moral of this blog post is this… if you’re into social media, take advantage of the memories, look back and be amazed at how far of you’ve come every now and again! If you’re not a social media ‘updating the world’ type of individual, keep a journal to write out where you’re at every now and again. Open last year’s journal from time to time and compare your ‘then’ and think of your ‘now’. If you’re in a better place and happy, you’re on the right track. If you’re not, it’s never too late to change the entry for today, start anew and compare again on this day… next year 😉


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