Trade Show Exhibiting Done Right – Part 1


Looking to step outside of the box and think BIG for your next marketing initiative? A great way to get in front of a large number of individuals in your target market and/or industry is to exhibit at a trade show or conference. Attending such events, however, comes at a cost. In my new blog series, Trade Show Exhibiting Done Right, I will share a few tips and tricks for making a splash at your next trade show and how to get an incredible return on your investment.

  1. Location, location, location! This saying has never been more true when exhibiting at trade shows. Spaces at most shows sell out fast, so be sure to book months (or even a year!) in advance to secure the best spot. If you can afford it, pay the extra money for a prime location that has extremely high foot traffic, such as corner booths and those near common areas.
  2. Get the look. Eyes are always drawn to big, bold, and visually pleasing things. When designing your booth and purchasing elements (such as technology, furniture, etc.), be sure to choose colours that match your brand in an effort to keep things consistent. You should also consider things such as lighting, carpet, and signage—which are elements that usually come at an added cost—but can really make your booth stand out. Most importantly, be sure your logo can be seen from a mile away! What’s the point of exhibiting if no one is attracted to your booth?
  3. Be engaging. There’s nothing worse than attending a conference and seeing the people who are supposed to be manning their company’s booth sitting behind a table and fidgeting with their phones. DON’T BE THESE PEOPLE! Ensure that whoever is representing your company can speak the speak and understands the reason why your company is attending. Be animated, energetic and approachable and be sure to smile often!
  4. Get out there. You don’t have to stay at your booth—just make sure you don’t leave it unattended, either. Go out of your way to introduce yourself to attendees. Take time to connect with other exhibitors and your competition. You never know where these interactions can lead and the possible synergies that may exist.
  5. Dress the part. You’re likely going to dish out a lot of money to make your booth look awesome, so your booth staff members should look great, too! Aim for every member to dress similarly; you don’t all need to wear the exact same clothing articles, but coordinating outfits helps complete the overall look of your booth and creates familiarity in attendees’ minds. If you’re exhibiting for more than a day, add a few different outfit styles into the mix to switch things up!

That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for next week’s post for part two of this series! Good luck!



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