Early Adopters, My Favourite Kind of People!

Early Adopters.jpeg

Early adopters, they’re easily some of my favourite people! StaffStat could not be where it is today without them! Some people need everything new now! Others can’t stand the risk of newness and hand the ‘risk torch’ onto others, allowing them to lead the way. It’s pretty simple to determine which camp you belong to. Just ask yourself the following conversation: a revolutionary product is launched into the market. Do you buy it right away, or wait until more information is available on its features and shortcomings? If you’re in the former group, you are an early adopter. You see the appeal of new products and invest in their potential to become something bigger. Because I’m a huge fan of early adoption, I give you three reasons why it’s beneficial to be an early adopter.

  1. You have a say in product advancement. By jumping on board, you forge a direct connection with the companies that invent these products. Companies greatly value your feedback and honest suggestions. By doing trial and error on the product and sharing your thoughts, you become a crucial player in the growth of the product. In other words, you have the power to shape and influence the product as it pushes through the evolution cycle. It’s a satisfying feeling to have your voice heard.
  2. You get bragging rights. Equally satisfying are the bragging rights for being the first owner(s) of a product. You have a conversation piece to discuss with co-workers, friends and family and you become a kind of “go-getter” for anyone with questions about the product. Even if a product becomes more popular over time, you can say that you owned that product before everyone else did.
  3. You become a thought leader. Not only do you forge contact with companies, you also create connections in the product circle – other people who, like you, are enthusiasts of the product. You have the ability to share the benefits and disadvantages of the new gadget, app or software at hand, creating buzz for a larger community of consumers, from fellow early adopters to late followers.

As they say, the early bird gets the worm. By providing first-hand knowledge on new products, you get the advantage of helping a product evolve and improve over time. While many products eventually become a household item, they would not have gotten there without people like you who are passionate enough to invest in them in the first place. As an early adopter, you don’t follow the crowd – you lead the crowd and for that, I say “Thank You!”.


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