One Year Work-iversary

AHHH, time flies. Last week LinkedIn notified me with a congratulatory message that it was my one-year work anniversary with StaffStat. I thought “wow, it has been a year!?” This past year has flown by and I thought it was appropriate to reflect on the happenings of this past year.

A little over a year ago, I was asked to transition from our sister company, Plan A Long Term CAre Staffing & Recruitment, to StaffStat. The position I was asked to fill was in sales; I had no sales experience at all but one thing I knew for certain was the product. StaffStat was and still is the tool and the secret sauce at Plan A; the advantage that keeps this health care staffing agency ahead of the curve. Coming from my experience with Plan A, I knew and understood the pain-point and inefficiencies of calling down lists of staff when there is a shift to fill. I knew that other organizations HAD to lay their eyes on this product and that they would easily recognize the value and want the same ‘lean’ efficiency. Our main focus is delivering our solution to the health care industry and our sales efforts have been concentrated on long-term care homes, community service sector organizations and hospitals.   

Over the last year I have learned that sales is one of the most difficult tasks I have ever done. It takes a great deal of persistence and patience; which of the two, I really had to learn patience. I have a patient nature but have had to succumb to the realization that I am not my prospects’ or my customers’ number one priority—a tough pill to swallow as my daily work routine is 110% focussed on attracting new customers to our product. I have learned to celebrate even the most minute ‘win’, such that a ‘no’ from a customer may not be a solid ‘no’, instead it may be a ‘not now’, which really is permission to continue practicing patience and persistence.

What have I experienced? I have experienced yet another leap outside of my comfort zone.

I have experienced further growth with the BEST team I have ever worked with. I have experienced mentorship from professionals qualified and knowledgeable in the industry, yet my greatest learning experiences have come directly from my customers and prospects. Through them I have further enhanced my knowledge of their day to day, and the industry they work within. Some have become my “go-to” when I have a question.

What are my plans for the years to come? I plan to keep pushing even when obstacles, objections and rejections may weigh heavy. I plan to maintain my focus and keep my eye on the lofty goals our team diligently sets. I plan to continue to grow my customer base and contribute to the ongoing success of a start-up from the North. The progress we have made to date is quite impressive and I am eager to see what the next year brings for our team!




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