Customer Retention 101

Customer Retention

I’m not one who typically brags but when it comes to StaffStat, I never hesitate! One of the stats we’re proudest of is our 100% retention rate. After 3 years of providing our solution to various organizations within the health care sector, we have yet to hear “we’re not interested in continuing or renewing with your services”. The following outlines the 3 basic principles that we’ve adopted to ensure that our success rate in this department never changes:

  1. Customer Service:

It’s not only expected but mandatory that everyone on the StaffStat team delivers exceptional customer service! Whether we’re speaking to the CEO of a corporation, a scheduler in one of our homes or a front-line staff… everyone can expect the same level of response, attention and excellence. Our goal is to build believers in our product. Anytime someone has a question, we’re on it! 4 quick tips to help you elevate your level of customer service:

  • Never state on your voicemail that you’ll respond within 24 hours or any timeframe for that matter. It’s a turn off! Respond as quickly as possible to inquiries and if you’re away, leave people with an alternate contact via telephone and email.
  • When you receive an emailed inquiry, call your customer to discuss the matter directly rather than crafting a response! It takes less time, ensures there’s no miscommunication and your customer will appreciate it.
  • Offer 24/7 customer service. You would be surprised the difference this offering can make to both prospects and long standing customers.
  • Smile while you’re talking on the phone during a customer service call. They can’t see it but they can hear it! If they can hear it, they can feel it!
  1. Check/in:
  • Based on the product or service you provide, establish a timeline to check-in with customers. There’s multiple ways you can make this happen: Send a Survey Monkey to get your key questions answered. Leave it open for feedback and expect both positive and negative comments. I’m a firm believer that you can only get better by tweaking your product or service based on your current customer’s feedback.
  • Call them up! Schedule a time for your customer to provide you with a real conversation regarding your company. This conversation should include everything from the time they were approached to the time they’ve renewed their services. Check-ins should happen at a minimum on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Find an excuse to chat! When we add a new feature, we send out detailed emails to our customers. These people, in return, send back a “that’s amazing” or “have you ever thought about…”. A response back via email allows us to make them feel like they’re part of the process and who doesn’t want that!
  • My favorite by far… schedule a visit! Come prepared with their data and progress so far. Sit down one on one or with their team and prepare yourself for eye opening conversation!
  1. Stay humble!

Remember that while you came up with a genius idea, you would be nowhere without those who believe in what you’re doing and what you’re selling. People tend to stick to people and things they know. That trend will follow you provided you take a glance in the rear view mirror every now and again and remember where it is you came from. How?

  • Write a hand written note every now again to those who were early adopters!
  • Take them out to lunch or out to a networking event.
  • Pay attention when a current customer gives you feedback, whether it’s positive or negative.
  • Ask them for a testimonial… I know this sounds like a favour but people like to see their name in print! Can you say win-win?

There you have it: 3 simple tips on how to help with your customer retention.


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