Never Write the Same Email Again — Here’s How!

Email.jpgEvery week we send hundreds of emails off to our employees, customers, partners, and prospects. This, of course, takes up a lot of valuable time that can be spent doing other office administration tasks.

In line with our continuing efforts to improve efficiency, we recently discovered a program that has helped combat our email backlog problem. It is a Google add-on named CloudHQ!

CloudHQ has allowed us to create and import our own custom templates that are saved directly to our cloud. This means we have relevant templates at our disposal, on all our devices, at any time.

The layout is extremely simplistic and user-friendly, too! In order to use a template you simply compose a new email, click the ‘Insert Template’ button, and choose the one you’d like to use.

So how do we use CloudHQ? We have custom branded templates for every frequent email we may need to send out. From newsletters and memos, to job application responses; we have a planned, branded, and consistent template ready to go.

The thing that makes CloudHQ so great for our team is the ability to easily share these templates with everyone in our company who may need them. This helps keep our brand message and image consistent.

The time savings we experience is tremendous; from what would normally take 5 (if not more) minutes now only takes seconds. We’ve found that with repeat tasks, even shaving just a few minutes off really begins to add up.

Now, branded templates are not readily available to you at first. You must invest the time into making it your own, but it’s worth it — not only for you but also for the people receiving them, as information can be found easily in a visually appealing way.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to create your own templates from scratch, CloudHQ provides some very general base templates that any company can use as a foundation to make their own.

So now the question is, what’re we going to do with all the time we’ve saved?

Well, to start we’re telling you so that you can also save some time with this one innovate trick any company can utilize to become more efficient, all while improving the consistency of their brand.

If you’d like to learn more about how CloudHq may work for you and your business, visit

Quinn Wilson
Co-op Student, Plan A Simcoe

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