Why I Love My Team with Tracy Fairfield, Plan A Hamilton Niagara

Why I love my team!

The best part about being a Plan A owner is the A-mazingly wonderful staff we get to choose to be on our team! I love interacting with candidates, hearing their stories and learning why they chose to be in health care. Our hiring process is very stringent, with three face to face interviews and some homework in between. Not everyone will become a part of the A-Team, but those that do are the true superstars of our health care industry. They really understand the need, they truly want to be a part of the solution, and they crave the opportunity to go above and beyond to ensure that our seniors have the best care possible. They become our brand ambassadors because they truly believe in our vision, they love being on our team, and they want to make a difference.

How do we know our team is filled with the best and most compassionate health care providers? That’s easy:

  • They take the time to repair a resident’s glasses on their lunch at their own expense to ensure that an agitated resident can see, and to prevent reactive behaviour that their team members may not have the time to manage.
  • They take a resident’s favorite dress to the dry cleaners because their daughter has not visited in a long time, and the resident wants to look special for Thanksgiving dinner at the home.
  • They sit patiently with a resident who forgets daily that their husband has passed and is not coming to get them.
  • They see their team struggling and do not hesitate to step in and respond to call bells, or step in to help with lifts, or offer to take over the care of a resident to ensure that their team member gets a much-needed break.
  • They truly understand the struggles of working short staffed and know how to problem solve and work with their team to ensure all the care needs of the residents are met.
  • They give up their holidays and weekends, work on their birthdays, without a second thought, because there is a need.

We believe that being a part of the A-Team is the #TheBestJobEver for a number of reasons!

Where else can you:

  • be your own boss,
  • be in charge of your own schedule,
  • choose to work only when and where you wish to work?

Add to that, the opportunity to work with an incredible team, receive amazing incentives and perks, earn the most competitive pay out there, and be a part of real change in the Long Term Care sector.

To truly know that you are making a difference in the lives of our vulnerable seniors and be the superhero to a team of often overworked and overwhelmed health care providers is just the icing on the cake! But don’t take it from me:

‘I love working with Plan A! Best place to work, amazing team and flexible schedule. Tracy is the best boss. if you’re wondering whether you should join Plan A, I definitely suggest you do!’ – Emily, Plan A PSW and Superstar

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