How to Prevent Getting and Spreading the Flu

It’s no secret that the flu outbreak occurs every year and our most vulnerable population, being our seniors, suffer the most from this.

As family members, we want to constantly be in contact with our loved ones, however, if we are not careful this could be very dangerous. Here are some prevention methods we can all take part in:

  • Get the flu vaccine or prescription for Tamiflu
  • Avoid contact with other people who are ill
  • If you start to feel ill, please stay home! You should not be in contact with anyone for at least 24 hours after your fever breaks
  • When sneezing and coughing, cover your face with a Kleenex. Throw tissue away and then sanitize or wash your hands
  • Disinfect and clean all surfaces that you have had contact with

While the flu outbreak will always remain something LTC homes deal with we can all take our part in using these simple prevention methods.

During a flu outbreak, LTC homes will have signage posted all over explaining what needs to occur in the home to limit the spread to unaffected residents.  Please ensure to follow these protocols and procedures set in place to ensure the safety of the residents.

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