The Anatomy of a Plan A Team Member

The Plan A pool is exclusively populated with the most dependable, compassionate, and logical health care professionals in Ontario. Want to know why our health care professionals are A+? Check out this infographic below!
  • Plan A prides itself on our 3 stage in-person interview process. This guarantees that only the best health care professionals are selected to join our team and care for your residents.
  • Through our partnership with PointClickCare, each member of our team is trained on documenting software and electronic MARS.
  • Through our interview process, we carefully select individuals who have a special interest specifically in care for our seniors; those who are patient, passionate, understanding and empathetic.
  • Our pool understands that one of their key responsibilities is to assist other staff members when needed, regardless of the task; it takes a team to get the job done!
  • Our A Teamers’ files exceed Ministry’s standards and are a click away when you need them.
  • Each A Teamer must complete a training program that incorporates your home’s education and adheres toMinistry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) standards.


If you want to learn more about our exceptional pool of health care professionals and how we can assist your home, visit today.

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