Spreading Holiday Cheer 12 Months of the Year!

Recently, I was scrolling through social media and noticed many posts and or articles referencing acts of kindness. While the holiday season and the idea of spreading cheer, goodwill and holiday spirit throughout the month of December makes sense why is this not something we can all embrace every month, even every day of the year? Why not sprinkle a little bit of Christmas throughout the year? Not by way of gifts but by way of spreading kindness and goodwill in abundance!

During the month of December, our team had the opportunity to give back to our community by volunteering at our local Elgin Street Mission. The Mission acts as a place of refuge for individuals or families providing meals, clothing, showers, laundry facilities for those in need. The evening that our team gathered together to help to serve hot coffee and a warm meal to over 200 individuals.  Over 200 Sudbury tummies were full that evening because of the hard work of volunteers at the Elgin Street Mission to prepare the meal and the efforts of our team to deliver. 

Once dinner was complete and the dining room emptied our team reflected on the hard work and what it meant to all of us to have the opportunity to do what we did that evening. There was much discussion not only about giving our time again next December but continuing our volunteer efforts as a team throughout the year. 

Let’s sprinkle some holiday spirit throughout the year, here are some ideas:

  • Donate your time to a local organization like the mission, serve a meal or drop off items they need to cook a meal or provide a hot shower and laundry facilities.
  • Make random acts of kindness not so random. Let’s go with consistent acts of kindness that brighten anyone’s day. Maybe you pick up the coffee tab for the person behind you, maybe you help someone cross the street, maybe it’s volunteering to babysit for a friend who could really use a night off. 
  • Check in on a neighbor, send a friend you haven’t heard from a text – better yet a handwritten card OR a phone call. 
  • Volunteer at a local long-term care home, check in and see how you, your colleagues or team can help
  • Engage your children in kindness and volunteer activities. 

These are just a few, and I am sure there are many other ways you can keep the spirit of the holiday season going. Imagine, what a beautiful world this would be if we all took a moment to brighten another person’s day and guess what? It doesn’t need to cost a thing! 

Kindness is free, spread it everywhere – all the time!


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