My Experience Touring a Beautiful LTC Home

Have you ever thought far into the future?

Think even further ahead.

Have you ever wondered where you will end up when you’re no longer able to care for yourself?

I’ve never really thought about it until I started working in long-term care. I’ve worked in many LTC homes and have had the opportunity, with Plan A, to visit many of our partner facilities.

We recently had the pleasure of attending a guided tour at one of the most amazing facilities one could ever imagine. This facility accommodates shared supported housing, townhouses for independent seniors, and 110 long term care beds.

Close your eyes and picture this…

An amazing facility surrounded by the great outdoors. As you look out each window the breathtaking views of the seasons can be experienced. A grand entrance, with a log cabin feel, wood interior as far as the eye can see, spacious hallways and resident rooms.

But wait, there’s more…

There’s art incorporated in the entire home. You find murals flowing from one area to the next. Each main entry door has a creative hand-painted design, disguising the door itself, to deter residents from trying to wander off and making it a more secure area. There’s a home-like atmosphere that makes residents feel relaxed and at ease.

This home also has activity rooms with flowing vines, flowers and beautiful murals, as well as a common area with a large aquarium filled with tropical fish!

Over in an adjacent corner is a baby’s crib with dolls so residents may continue to care and show love while feeling needed. In the centre of the home there’s a beautiful glassed in outdoor garden space where residents are able to spend time outside while still remaining safe and under supervision.

I truly believe that this long term care facility is more of a home to these residents, making the difficult transition from their own home to their new one a lot less stressful. This home is one I would definitely recommend to anyone seeking assisted living or looking to move into a long-term care home.

Want to learn more about this facility? Shoot me an email for more information!

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