Ask An Owner: Rachael Hargan

Meet Rachael Hargan, co-owner of Plan A Nipissing, Plan A Simcoe, and Plan A Grey Bruce!

We asked Rachael a few questions about her experience owning three Plan A franchises and how it’s made an impact on her life. Check out her responses below!

1. What was your greatest failure and what did it teach you?

My greatest failure was trying to do everything myself. As a business owner, there’s always a pull to do things yourself – it’s cost effective and is a learning opportunity. That being said, there are certain areas where professionals are needed, i.e. bookkeeping. Our business took off in just a few months and it very quickly became too much for me to do on my own. If I could give past me some advice, it would definitely be that. But because of the experience, I learned that it’s okay to not be the expert at everything and that to run a successful business you sometimes need to ask for help.

2. What qualities do you believe a franchise owner needs to be successful?

I think that if you believe in what we are doing and really value impacting your community in a positive way, that is the most important thing. If you have that, then the hard work and dedication to our clients and employees will be a byproduct of that.

3. What has been the most rewarding part of being a Plan A Owner?

The most rewarding part about being an owner is just that, being the boss. With it comes a certain degree of flexibility but to a larger extent, it’s the personal growth that comes from the position that is the most rewarding. When you hear from staff that are really thriving in their role, or from LTC homes that are running more smoothly because of us, you know it was because of the ground work that you put in.

4. What was the lightbulb moment like? That moment you thought – I need to be part of this vision?

Honestly, it was the first time I met with Sheri to discuss opening Plan A Nipissing. It was a very casual conversation, but her passion for what she was doing was like nothing I had seen before and it was contagious.
Interested in bringing Plan A to your community? Email us today for more information!

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