What Does the Best Job Ever REALLY Look Like?

Imagine this: You’re at home on a Wednesday night and you receive a notification right on your mobile phone from the StaffStat app: “There is a new shift available at Lovely Manor on Saturday from 7:00 – 15:00.” You briefly pause to reflect on your plans for the weekend and tap on the screen to accept the shift.

On Saturday, you arrive at Lovely Manor and the home’s staff are delighted to see you because they greatly require your support. During your 8 hour shift, one resident tells you about their recent visit with their granddaughter, another lights up as soon as you enter their room, and an RN thanks you for your assistance. You leave feeling elated, knowing you made a difference. The next morning, you wake up to an email from our recruitment team with the subject titled “Thanks a Latte”. You open the email and its attachment and see an e-gift card to a coffee shop and a note from our team thanking you for lending your time and talent to a local Long Term Care home.

Fast forward to Tuesday: you have a paper to write, an exam to study for and a presentation to complete. You receive a new StaffStat notification: “There is a new shift available at Happy Manor on Wednesday from 15:00 – 23:00.” Unfortunately, you can’t work this shift because you’re swamped with schoolwork. You tap on your phone to decline the shift. It’s that easy…and it’s completely guilt-free.

I know what you’re probably thinking…it sounds too good to be true. Picking up shifts that work around your schedule—with a simple push of a button? Declining the ones that don’t? A zero-guilt policy? Receiving amazing employee perks and recognition from your employer just by doing your part? Frequently hearing the words “thank you!” and being shown gratitude for helping out? Seeing smiling faces and making a difference in the lives of seniors?

It may seem far-fetched to some, but I can tell you first-hand, it is not. As the VP of Marketing at Plan A, I often think of new and exciting ways to promote our job openings for PSWs/RCAs, RPNs/LPNs, RNs and Nursing Students. When we provide such an amazing opportunity for students, retirees, single moms, working parents and millennials, it makes my job easy! We have a job that most dream of—extremely competitive rates of pay, flexible scheduling, travel opportunities, work-life balance, employee perks, and the “feel good factor”. We truly have the #BestJobEver.

So, what are you waiting for? With Plan A Locations across Ontario and B.C, why not be a part of our growing team of compassionate and dependable health care professionals? Join a for-purpose company dedicated to providing the best possible care for our seniors – Join The A Team today. www.JointheAteam.com

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