10 Ways to Have a Successful Side Hustle

As the name suggests, a side hustle is a side gig that takes place outside of your current full-time employment that produces an additional income. Personally, I have 2 side hustles that take place evenings and weekends when I’m not working full-time as the CEO and President of StaffStat Inc. I run Scrappy Sisters Photography, a photography studio, with my sister and I play in an acoustic duo called Chicks with Picks. Many of the people who work for Plan A Long Term Care Staffing and Recruitment, the sister company to StaffStat, use that casual opportunity as a side hustle as well. Safe to say, I have seen, and been a part of, many side hustles in my time. But how do you find the energy and how do you ensure that it doesn’t impact your life in a negative way? Here are 10 ways to make it happen!
  1. Figure out what your side hustle is. Ensure that it’s something you’re passionate about and something you see yourself doing above and beyond what you’re already committed to.
  2. Determine if your side hustle can generate money. If you’re going to invest your time, your talent and likely some money to a side hustle, be sure that you’ll see a return. Otherwise, what you intend to work as a side hustle will really just be a hobby or volunteer job.
  3. Manage your time. While at your full-time job, focus on THAT job and work with your schedule to make time for your side hustle. Managing this time can be one of the hardest parts of having a side hustle but it’s important you dedicate time to both in order to not only avoid issues with your full-time job but also to have success with your side hustle. Give your side hustle the time it deserves and reserve your 9 – 5 for giving your all at your full-time job.
  4. Make it something you love. I’m an advocate for doing what you love and I strongly believe that you can do it all and “fill that plate”, provided it’s filled with things you’re passionate about, side hustle included. You should be excited about every request, every booking and/or every new order. If you’re rolling your eyes, your side hustle is becoming a pain in your side.
  5. If you can, make your side hustle a benefit to your current employer. I’ve offered our photography services for corporate headshots for StaffStat and Plan A. Chicks with Picks also provided some Christmas cheer to local long-term care homes a few years ago. Melding the two makes your employer feel that your side hustle isn’t a detriment to your employment but a benefit to you and them!
  6. Know when to pump the brakes. My full-time commitment is currently very demanding. On top of my side hustles, I’m also committing my time to several community impacting volunteering opportunities. Ensure that if you’re on your own, you can slow your side hustle down when you need to. If you’re partnered with someone, be sure that they can pick up the slack when you’re “off” from side hustling.
  7. Be prepared to answer: “how do you do it all?”. It’s a common question and because you’re focused on work when at work and you love your side hustle, it’s easy enough to answer.
  8. Be effective with social media. It goes without saying that you need to be effective nowadays with social media marketing. It’s free, or at least relatively cheap and it’s getting easier to manage thanks to products like HootSuite that can help you manage and schedule your content. Social media is a gift to side hustlers, don’t waste it!
  9. Don’t make it look like a side hustle. If you’re going to do it, do it right or not at all. While social media is a gift, it can be a curse at the same time. If it looks like it was done with half the effort, it will come through as being done with half the effort. That translates to bad ratings and in some cases, could mean the end of your side gig.
  10. Be proud. You took something you love and found a way to make money at it. There’s nothing to hide. You’re successfully working and providing for your family and you’ve also managed to make it happen with a side hustle. It’s no easy feat but if you love it, it’s worth it!
If you have side hustle tips or if you want to shout out your side hustle, feel free to leave a comment below!

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