7 Steps to Setting Goals and Actually Achieving Them

7 Steps to Setting Goals and Actually Achieving Them

Some people like to set up daily goals and work day by day to check them off of a list. Others are big dreamers but have a hard time addressing the steps to get to that big vision. What if you could mesh both types together and achieve absolutely anything? It’s very possible, and here are the 7 steps you should be taking to make it happen:
  1. Figure out what it is you want!

Are you looking to save money for an upcoming trip? Do you dream of opening up your own business? Are you thinking of shedding some weight? First thing’s first, figure out what it is you want to achieve.

2. Write it down

If you write something down, it becomes real. It confirms what you’re thinking and it holds you accountable to yourself. Beyond writing it down, write down the reasons why you want to attain your goal. Give it some ‘meat and potatoes’ by fleshing out the reasons and the benefits to making your goal happen!

3. Tell someone

Step 2 holds you accountable to yourself. Step 3 holds you accountable to someone else. If you forget or get off track, that certain someone may be the person to steer you back in the right direction!

4. Set yourself up for success

If you’re looking to lose weight, do a cupboard raid and get rid of the junk. Looking to save money? Open up a savings account specifically for your goal. Look for tips on how to make it happen. There are plenty of blogs and online articles that will provide you with the motivation and inspiration needed.

5. Break it down into smaller steps

If, for example, the goal is to save money for an upcoming trip and you’re looking at a price tag of $5000.00, that number can feel overwhelming. But if I have a year to save that amount and I break it down into monthly, weekly or even daily goals (ie. $13 per day), it feels much more feasible!

6. Get started. Put your plan into action

Put pen to paper, put money in the account, make your lunch instead of ordering out. Whatever gets you to the first step of your ultimate goal, get it done!

7. Celebrate! Have mini celebrations along the way

It’s important to recognize achievements in others and even more so in yourself. I’ve already mentioned writing your goal and your step by step plan on how to get there but don’t forget to mark out some mini milestone markers for yourself! And then celebrate as you make your way toward the finale!

It isn’t hard to dream but it can be a bit more difficult to believe that you can make things happen for yourself. Whether you’re a daily task type person or an individual with massive vision, it’s melding those two together that will eventually get you to where you need to be to feel you made it happen! It may not be as easy as thinking about it but if you’ve got drive, follow through and you’re inspired, ANYTHING is possible!

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