6 Ways to Do a Social Media Cleanse

In my latest post on The A Dot, I discussed 5 Negative Side Effects of Social Media: lack of sleep, FOMO, unrealistic expectations, cyberbullying, and depression—all adverse feelings that one may experience with frequent social media usage.
In this post, I will be discussing ways in which you can conduct a social media “cleanse” in order to improve your quality of life.
  1. Clean out your friends list.

The best way to begin a cleanse is to go through your friends list and do a complete cleanup. Delete or unfollow those who you frequently see sharing negative content, those who make you feel serious FOMO (fear of missing out) and those whose values/beliefs do not align with yours if they bring out feelings of anxiety, anger or sadness. This step alone may make all the difference.

2. Turn off notifications.

This will help you resist the urge to constantly check social media every time you receive a push notification on your phone. Depending on your device, you can usually accomplish this by going into your settings and finding all social media platforms you use and de-select/turn off “Allow Notifications”.

3. Consider using a website blocker.

If you peruse social media from your desktop, use a free website such as www.getcoldturkey.com which will either completely prohibit access to sites you have listed or limit the amount of time you spend on websites such as Facebook, depending on your preferences.

4. Delete the apps from your phone.

If you frequently use your phone to access social media, try deleting your social apps from your phone for a weekend and re-download them at the beginning of the week. Many who try this method discover they can go for longer periods without the apps installed and some even completely leave the apps off their phone and instead use their desktop/laptop to access their accounts at a less frequent rate.

5. Spend time doing other things.

Have an itch to check your social media? Pick up a book, read a news article, listen to a podcast, or write in your journal instead. There are hundreds of ways to better spend your time!

6. Delete your account completely.

If you feel that social media is taking a serious toll on your life, consider deleting your social media accounts completely. For specific information and steps on how to delete each social platform, check out this link: https://www.popsci.com/delete-social-media-accounts#page-3

What are some of the methods you use to take a break from social media? Leave your tips in the comments below!

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