Ask An A Teamer: Lisa, Shannon & Roxanne

At Plan A, we’re always striving to do whatever we can to ensure that we’re providing the #BestJobEver for our PSWs and Nurses. Check out our “Ask an A Teamer” series where we asked our pool of health care professionals a few questions to learn more about them personally and their thoughts on being a part of The A Team!

Lisa Dagenais, PSW, Plan A Timmins

Fun facts about Lisa: She loves the outdoors, loves to have fun, and loves to see others smile.

1.What do you feel is unique about Plan A?

Great staff, ability to make your own hours, feel comfortable in the working environments, and a great pay.

2. If you could give one piece of advice to a new A Teamer what would that be?

Ask questions – don’t be shy! Remember that you’re there to help.

3. What is the most rewarding part about being a PSW for Plan A?

The most rewarding part is that I get to go and help wherever needed. I know that I’m appreciated when I show up at the home and I know the residents enjoy seeing me when I’m on my shift because they’re getting the best care I can provide.

4. Why do you think now is the best time to become a PSW?

PSWs are in high demand. There is not enough staff to provide the proper care within our homes in Northern Ontario and all across Ontario. It’s a great feeling when you can give back to the community.

5. What were you most happy about attending because you were able to create your own schedule?

I care for my two grandchildren, so I’m very happy not to have them in daycare and to be able to provide care for them during the day while working evenings and weekends with Plan A.

6. Tell us about your story, what made you want to pursue a career in health care?

I always wanted to be a nurse and I was going to become one but I had a daughter that had mental health issues which caused me not to have the time to complete years of school, so I decided that I would become a PSW. As the years went by, I noticed that I was working less and less as a PSW due to my daughters health issues. I always missed my work and I am so glad that Plan A hired me to be a PSW and I can get back into what I love to do. I enjoy every shift that I have and look forward to going to work whenever I can.

Shannon Rademaker, RN, Plan A Simcoe

1.If you could give one piece of advice to a new A Teamer what would that be?

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone… a lot of wonderful things happen there!

2. How do you feel about the level of support offered by your Plan A Office?

I never feel alone on the job. As an RN, I’m usually responsible for residents and staff I do not know and the odd emergency that I need advice on. Plan A always responds to my calls and messages, gives good direction, and has my back.

3. When do you have the most fun at work?

I love to sing at work; it boosts the atmosphere and morale with staff and residents. There have been moments when everyone was singing with me, laughing and enjoying themselves. I’m in it to make people happy and care for the elderly- so we might as well have fun doing it!

4. What have you invested in with the extra money you have made with Plan A?

The extra money I have earned with Plan A has helped me pay off my student loans, do house repairs, go on vacations and feel stable knowing a shift or two will top up my fun money!

Roxanne Scopel, RN, Plan A Timmins

1.What do you feel is unique about Plan A?

I find the staff are amongst the friendliest and nicest people.  Also, Plan A always has an open door policy where employees can go in and speak with supervisors. This is a very work-friendly mechanism, especially when nurses are called upon to perform some very challenging tasks. It’s great knowing someone has your back and goes beyond the call to meet our needs as team members.

2. If you could give one piece of advice to a new A Teamer what would that be?

Spread your wings, ask for help, and have a blast helping our seniors! Never be afraid to ask for help, you are never alone. Be confident! You were hired by Plan A and they only hire the best of the best!

3. Tell us about an experience that warmed your heart.

One of the most exciting aspects of my career is watching families and patients reunite after they are discharged from a healthcare setting. One of the most memorable experiences for me was a patient who was admitted with debilitating bone metastases and needed high doses of pain meds to help him become comfortable. One day, I asked the patient if he wanted me to wash his hair and shave his beard and once all was said and done, his wife came in and was overwhelmed with joy and expressed how he actually looked the day she met him many years ago. To this day, I think of this one encounter and remember it fondly.

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