Why I Have The #BestJobEver With Plan A

As many already know , Plan A has created the #BestJobEver for PSW’s, RPN’s and RN’s. We provide staffing support to our Long Term Care homes, allowing our staff to pick up shifts when and where they want to work. This model is quite conducive to today’s workforce and has empowered our staff to be the boss of them.

Not only have we have created the #BestJobEver for our field staff, the same rings true for our internal staff at our Plan A Locations, and our Head Office. Based on a culture built by our President Sheri Tomchick, our organization is filled with positive vibes, high energy, and solution focused people. From reception to recruitment to our leadership teams, the enthusiasm and love for what we do is felt by every visitor and new comer. Each and every role within our organization has a direct or indirect impact on the staff and residents working and living within our long term care homes. This is always part of our training and has been part of our culture from the beginning – taking care of the people who take care of the people.

As the VP of our organization, I must say that I certainly have the #BestJobEver! Here are just a few reasons why:   

  1. I get to work with an A-mazing and dynamic team of driven like-minded people.
  2. I learn something new every single day.
  3. I work with our A-mazing Plan A Owners through some of their challenges – helping them grow and feel like they are not alone. We’re all in this together!
  4. I get to watch and celebrate the successes of Plan A locations across Ontario and now in British Columbia.
  5. I have the opportunity to help build this beautiful strategy across the province, the country and because there are no boundaries – internationally as well!
  6. I speak with Administrator’s, Directors of Care and staff about our staffing strategy and what we can do to collaborate and help.
  7. I get to teach my daughters that it is possible to find what they love and love what they do.

While I may not have a direct impact on the staff and residents within long term care, I work really hard to ensure my indirect impact is felt and is making a difference. I love what we do, I love that every single action and task has a purpose in ensuring those working and living in long term care feel safe and supported.

I’m sure the rest of our team can also tell us why they also believe they have the #BestJobEver. What makes you feel like you have the #BestJobEver?!

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