Why I’ve Given Up Social Media

You wake up, it is a new beautiful day! What is the first thing you do? Chances are you grab your cell phone from your nightstand and start scrolling through your social media accounts, right?

Over a year ago, I decided this wasn’t how I wanted to start my day, better yet, how I was going to live my life. Don’t get me wrong, social media is an excellent platform if you use it correctly, but for a lot of us (often without realizing), it can take a serious toll on our mental health.

We post pictures and monitor our profiles hoping we get likes and comments, we seek validation from others to feel good about ourselves. We scroll through profiles of strangers we have never met, envying their recent trip to Spain, wishing we had a more fulfilling and exciting life. Or how about when a friend or co-worker posts a meme or a quote and you start to wonder if maybe it’s directed to you? We write false stories in our mind causing unnecessary stress. I can openly admit that I’ve been there. The best word to describe how social media made me feel was, drained.

I didn’t realize how detrimental it was to my mental health until I decided to completely boycott social media. And what a beautiful self-discovery it has been. Why are we wasting our precious time on wishing we were more when we could be going out and working towards being our best selves! I’ve never felt so liberated and I have a new sense of calmness in my life. It’s a wonderful feeling waking up rejuvenated and clear minded. If you’ve been thinking about removing social media from your life, I strongly encourage you to give it a shot, you won’t regret it!

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