Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We all have our comfort zones when it comes to the things that we do, the way that we do them, places we go and places we never dare to even think of going. We may rarely change things up because we might not know how to, or we may be a little scared of the unknown – we tend to like consistency and the familiar.

When I first transitioned into my new role as Recruitment Manager of Plan A for all of Ontario I knew there would be travel, but I also knew I had an amazing team joining me, so I wasn’t so afraid of the new opportunity. Together, we would travel to new cities, explore new places and grow as a team!

Anyone who has ever driven with me can attest to the fact that I am a confident driver, however my sense of direction is a little bit questionable! I can honestly get lost in a parking lot that I have never been in before. Being on the road so much in the last few months has really forced me to push through new obstacles and step out of my comfort zone.

Now that I travel a lot more and not as much with my trusty team, I face a lot more obstacles than when I had them with me and I’ve learnt to step into these new opportunities with confidence when I’m on my own. Sure, I can feel anxious when I encounter a new challenge but change is good! The best way to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself is to just jump in and start somewhere!

Now when I travel on my own, I have a great playlist to listen to that makes my road trips seem not at long and lonely, I make a point to go have a nice meal each night and sit where there is a little more noise or even up at the bar and make conversation with the bartender. If I’m feeling lonely, I give my family a call! By challenging my self in the face of new opportunity, I’ve been able to expand my comfort zone which allows me to enjoy new experiences!

Comment below and let us know about a challenge you’ve faced and how it forced you out of your comfort zone!

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