5 Tips For Booking AirBNBs When Traveling For Business

Technology & Innovation – we’re obviously pretty huge fans of both here at StaffStat. I could literally fly into Toronto from Sudbury, catch an Uber to my AirBNB and order SkiptheDishes (and all from my phone). Hotels are great. After all, they’re what has housed business people for the last century. Having said that, when you’re a road warrior, you need convenience. Hotels are costly, most charge for parking or valet and the check-in process can rob you of 15-20 minutes when all you want to do is get to your room and relax.

We started using AirBNB for our business travel last year and it’s been an amazing experience! If you run a business and you want to give AirBNB a go for a place for your team members to rest their heads, here are 5 tips for using AirBNB while traveling for business:

  1. Read the reviews.

Like anything else online these days, reviews can help you determine if the AirBNB you’re looking at is right for you, one of your team members or an entire group. AirBNB users are honest in their descriptions of what they loved about their stay and if there was a problem. You’ll be able to see both the guest’s review as well as the host’s response. Hosts care about their ratings and reviews so they ensure that your stay is a 5 star experience! Read the reviews! It will ensure that your stay is as expected.

  1. Look for keypad entry check-ins.

Part of our search for an appropriate AirBNB is verifying the check-in process. Keypad entry is essential and definitely the easiest! You arrive, you park, you key in a few numbers on a keypad and voilà, you’re in! It’s seriously such a breeze that you don’t even give it a second thought. On the day of, the host sends you instructions and your code for entry and that’s it!

  1. Pricing… be sure to check out all of the costs.

When looking at the prices for an AirBNB, it’s easy to see that you’ll likely be saving plenty in accommodations. However, be sure to include the cleaning fee and the service fee in your considerations. A high cleaning fee can be justified by a longer stay.

  1. Check out the amenities offered.

The reason we’re such fans of AirBNBs is largely due to the amenities offered vs. when you stay at a hotel. Most of the places we’ve used offer laundry facilities, large kitchens, nice touches and they’re usually located pretty centrally. Every AirBNB listing offers all of its amenities and it’s only one click to see everything that’s offered.

  1.  Look for SuperHosts.

When booking, keep an eye out for SuperHosts. This title indicates that this person hosts, and hosts well. They typically get 5 star ratings and are sure to provide you or your team with an exceptional experience.

Are you a fan of AirBNB?

If so, let us know why and feel free to share some of your tips below!

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