My 2 Biggest Interview Bloopers as Recruitment Manager of Plan A Ontario

They say there’s one in every bunch, a class clown you could say.

In our office, we’ve learnt that if something embarrassing is going to happen, it’s going to happen to me.

While I strive to stay as professional as possible while in the office, conducting interviews, or on the road building pools of highly qualified PSW’s, RPN’s & RN’s, I can’t help but find myself at the centre of some real blooper moments!

Let me tell you about a few of my stand-out blooper moments during my time so far with Plan A.

A typical interview in our office lasts about 30 minutes and involves me going through a long list of questions with our interviewee. On this day, after greeting my next potential RN, we began the interview and got to talking about the many different life experiences he’s had. Caught up in such great discussion, we ended up chatting for over 40 minutes and for the sake of time I had to cut the interview there. Once the candidate left, I noticed that due to our great conversation, I hadn’t had time to get to all of my interview questions. Our office staff laughed at my inability to stay on topic in this instance and this experience taught me that as much as I love getting lost in conversation with some of our candidates and really learning about them and their stories, I must stay on task!

My second most embarrassing interview experience occurred while I was conducting an interview at our conference table. The office was quiet as everyone was working, so our conversation was easily heard by them all. 

Half way through my interview the tickling urge to sneeze crept up on me. I looked up to the light to speed up the process and without fail, I let out a sneeze so forceful that I fell out of my chair and onto the floor. The candidate being interviewed didn’t know whether to be frightened or to laugh. Luckily the interview had gone great and I was ready to recruit the candidate to join our team, so to cover my embarrassment, I looked up to them and said “you’re hired!”. All of the office staff rush from their desks to witness this embarrassing moment as we all burst out laughing.

I’m grateful that at Plan A, we’re able to have fun in the workplace and that we can all have a good laugh every now and again!

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