Hi…I’m new here!

Growing up, I had the privilege of knowing a super kind, funny, big hearted and creative woman, I also got to call her Grandma. When she was diagnosed with Cancer, it was devastating, but she was tough, she fought with everything she had. When we heard that she would once again be fighting for her life, she had one wish; She wanted to live in her own home as long as she could. That meant weekends spent with her to help out with meals, bathing and laundry. It was here that my love for taking care of those who need the little bit of extra help was born. I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small or insignificant the task might have been, knowing I helped someone was so rewarding. Sadly, my Grandma lost her battle, but she inspired me to do more!

Fast forward a few years, I was looking to build my career, but working all shifts under the sun with a young family was challenging, to say the least. I stumbled upon Plan A! What a brilliant company this is!  I joined the A-team as a PSW, I loved that I could make my own schedule, I could choose what days I wanted to have off, and I could still work in a position that I loved. Life sometimes has a funny way of working out, after sometime, I parted ways with Plan A, with a promise to somehow get back to healthcare one day.

That day was back in November, I was at a networking event, and reconnected with Sheri and Mel. I reached out when the posting for Client Success representative became available, and Mel invited me in for an interview. I love that I am still part of the healthcare world and that I get to help both sides with an innovative solution to shortages in this ever-challenging field. I am still very new in my role, but I jumped in with both feet and can’t wait to see what the StaffStat future holds for me!

– Stacey Plouffe, Client Success Representative, StaffStat

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