Does What You Do Excite You?

Every single day, I’m astounded at what I get to do for a living. Running a growing tech company, I get to wear many hats. Everything I do on a daily basis leads to our ultimate goal; bringing our solution to those who need it. When I’m asked; “what’s your favourite part of your job?”, along with 2 enthusiastic thumbs up, the answer is always the same: Demonstrating our product to those who I know can benefit from it!

Here are 3 reasons why I love the demo part of my job so much:

  1. Giving a demo allows me to present someone who’s dealing with a painful task (calling down the list) with a solution. Watching someone’s reaction to seeing StaffStat in action never gets old! It’s like I can see them start to think of all the ways in which our systems can help them! Every time I give a demo of how StaffStat works, I get to see, first hand, the excitement people get when they realize they’ll never need to call down the list ever again and just as we promise, they “Fall in Love with Filling Shifts”. We’re always hearing from our experiences users that they could NEVER go back to calling down the list (another great feeling) but there’s something extra special about seeing someone interact with the system for the first time. That’s gold!
  2. It’s all about the moment the phones light up. I’ve given hundreds of demos (come to think of it… I’m probably near the 1,000 mark by now) and we like to make it interactive. Imagine sitting at a table with some gal telling you why this product was created, how it’s making a difference and THEN, she posts a shift and YOUR phone lights up with a shift request. That moment, when they see exactly how it works, is priceless. In that moment, they can envision their team saving so much time, their staff receiving the notifications and their shifts effortlessly being covered all without a single phone call being made. 
  3. My absolute favourite part of the demo has to be the Q&A. This is likely because I love nothing more than a challenge. Because of my love and understanding of the product, I get excited about this part because it allows me to put my years of experience working with the product to the test! After every answer I provide, I always ask: Did that answer your question? I’m happy to report that typically, the answer to that question is yes. If it isn’t, you best believe that I figure out the answer and get back to them ASAP!

Single operator home, large corporation, someone from the community who’s curious? It doesn’t matter to me. If I’m provided with the opportunity to shake hands with a decision maker who believes that what we have might work for them or someone who is simply curious, I’m stoked. I’ve already won half the battle. That means that the demo is pretty much the deciding factor and showing off my favourite product of all time is something I thrive on!

You might think that getting this excited is not the norm. I beg to differ. If you love what you do, talking about it should get you super stoked! And that’s why, regardless of the size of our team, I will always want to take part in demos whenever I can. It reignites the fire in my belly every single time and reiterates why we do what we do!  

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