Smiling Through Tough Times: Lessons I Learned from My Aunt

When I was young we would visit my grandparents out of town. What I loved the most was spending time with my aunt. As a child she was my friend; someone to play with, laugh with and love.

As a child you do not recognize disabilities. My aunt was in a car accident as a child which left her with a brain injury, an arm that didn’t function well and a leg shorter than the other.

Even with a limp, she was completely normal to me. She was not treated any differently. She lived her entire life with her parents, all the way until the end. She was not able to live independently once they passed and was then forced to move in to a retirement home. She started a new life, all by herself. She was the spring chicken at the home. She was welcomed with open arms. She made friends, even a boyfriend. She made the best of things.  

She has recently had a change in her condition, and requires more assistance with personal care. She needed to leave her home and make a home in a residence that could provide her with more care. 

I worried about how she would adjust but once again she has been resilient and she has adjusted very well. She has taught me many things in life. She always makes the best out of every situation. When she complains it is always for a very brief moment. She puts on a smile even when she is going through tough times.  

We are fortunate enough to have moved closer to her to open our business which provides staffing solutions for facilities that provide care to our vulnerable population just like my aunt.

We visit as often as we can and I am so proud to say that my daughter has been able to build that same bond and friendship with her great aunt. Cherish every moment in life. 

Laugh often and Love Always. 

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