Sheri’s Top 10 Tips to Bring Her A-Game!

Bringing my A-Game!

“Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings, or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behaviour.”

 – Brene Brown

Welcome, October! The leaves are changing, the mornings are getting cooler, the days shorter, and our energy is…crashing. 

It happens to all of us this time of year. It is so easy for us to make promises to ourselves and set our goals and intentions, but once the pace picks up and deadlines start piling on, keeping our momentum going can be a real challenge. Running a successful business requires you to surround yourself with constant sources of inspiration. Whether it’s from conversing with other entrepreneurs, changing up your mindset, adopting new healthy habits or incorporating new self-care rituals into your daily routine—you need to find out what works for you. The key to self-mastery is understanding that in every failure there is a lesson and you can find inspiration everywhere if you are open to it!

In this blog post, I’m going to share my tips on how I stay motivated, positive and energized as well as how I fill up my container so I can spread inspiration and energy in the workplace.

Sheri’s Top 10 Tips to Bring Her A-Game!

  1. Self-care: As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to put everyone else’s needs before your own. However, the reality is you have to remember to fill up your own container or else you won’t have anything to give. Making healthy food choices, drinking enough water, cutting down on the alcohol and caffeine, making sure you are getting enough sleep, and of course moving (There is no better way to let go of a bad day than from some purposeful activity!). Self-care is necessary for maintaining a positive mindset and having the energy and enthusiasm to take on the day.
  2. Coaching: Professional and personal coaching is something I am truly grateful for. I meet with my coach monthly or sometimes bi-weekly when I am struggling. These meetings help me sift through the good, the bad, the ugly and get me to a place where I am able to bring my A-Game.
  3. Attend a conference: Conferences are a great place to up-level and surround yourself with people who are like-minded and have the same energy as you. I always learn something new, meet someone new, and leave feeling so inspired and motivated.
  4. Meeting other women in business: As a woman in business, being around other female entrepreneurs is SO uplifting. Developing a tribe of your own is a great way to have a support group of people who truly ‘get it.’ 
  5. Daily quotes: Each day I find a new quote that sums up what I’m feeling or what my intention is for that day. Reading quotes are a great reminder that many have been here before or have felt the same feelings. I use this as drive that I too can conquer anything. 
  6. Quality family time: Taking time to turn-off the business world and connect with my family is what keeps me grounded and from burning out.  Watching hockey, travelling to new places, catching a movie and going to camp are some of the ways my family likes to spend quality time together (with no cell phones of course!)
  7. Listen to an audiobook: I am a huge fan of audiobooks! I listen while I’m on road trips, travelling, or even just driving between meetings.  My favourite book this summer was Dare to Lead by Brene Brown.
  8. Volunteer: For the past year I have made a commitment to myself, my community and my team to volunteer at our local Elgin Street Mission. Volunteering reminds me that I have everything to be grateful for and keeps me that much more motivated.
  9. Watch a motivational video: Some of my favourite speakers are Brian Tracy, Robin Sharma and Brandon Bouchard. I also have a few favourite TED Talks go-to’s that I have saved and watched multiple times over the years. I suggest watching How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over by Mel Robbins.  I encourage you to find one that speaks to you and I guarantee you’ll be hooked on the feeling they leave you with.
  10. Get outside: Fresh air is the best way to get the endorphins flowing! My paddleboard is my happy place and I love the feeling I get when I am alone on the water, reconnecting with the great outdoors. Go on a hike, visit a local park, hang out by the lake, or even just opt to have your morning coffee on your back deck! 

These are some of the ways I stay motivated.  Staying motivated takes deliberate effort and I hope what I do can be of some help to you too!

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