6 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

6 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

New business owner? Recent grad? New hire at your organization? Now’s the time to start building your personal brand. Why? Your personal brand is your reputation. It is what makes you unique, defines your values and what you stand for, and helps people understand exactly what you can offer.

So, how can you create and/or better solidify your personal brand?

  1. Define who you are and what you offer. Take a moment for reflection and write a list of your core values, things you believe in, what services/products you offer, and how what you offer is different from your competitors.
  2. Don’t spend your time constantly reiterating what it is that you do. No one likes it when they’re approached by someone who is exceptionally ‘salesy’. It’s important to build genuine connections with people so that they trust you as a person. Instead, become knowledgable in a variety of topics within your field/industry and when you are, share that knowledge with others in the form of podcasts, blogs, quick social media posts, etcetera. Don’t always be selling!
  3. Become a listener. Continuing my above point further, listen to what others have to say rather than always trying to sell something. Listening allows you to be viewed as someone who is approachable, great at giving advice and understands the pain points of individuals. Once you fully understand the needs of someone, go ahead and make recommendations. I think it is so much more authentic when people I meet take the time to actually get to know me on a personal level. This helps me view that individual as someone who is trustworthy and it definitely helps to build a solid relationship between us.
  4. Grow your network. Don’t focus solely on meeting those only in your industry. You never know what a valuable relationship with someone else can lead to. People know people — so introduce yourself to others and be authentic and intentional when doing so.
  5. Be mindful of the content you share. When utilizing social media to grow your brand, be careful of what you’re posting. Your brand is a representation of YOU. Don’t jump on trends/topics just because everyone else is sharing that content. Do not share anything that doesn’t align with your beliefs and values. Be your true and authentic self.
  6. Always remember you’re representing YOU! If you preach about positivity on a daily basis as part of your brand, be sure you are positive and kind in all situations — online and IRL. Think about how you are portraying yourself in all situations, especially when you’re making a first impression.

There you have it! Six tips to build your personal brand! Always be authentic and be sure to practice what you preach!

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