The Word of the Month for November is Customer Service

Right off the hop, I realize that my word for this month is actually 2 words. I’ll move along assuming this is forgivable because it’s one huge, important concept.

Customer service has been at the backbone of every single company I’ve ever worked for in the entirety of my working history. I think I’ve labeled it as crucial in my mind because I’m told time and time again that ‘our’ customer service is bar-none the best they’ve ever experienced. This, in turn, has led to customer loyalty, references, and referrals.

How can you elevate your organization’s customer service expectations and delivery? Here are 4 steps to help you and your company get on track:

  1. It’s the simple things. Spelling someone’s name properly in an email. Follow up when you say you will. Smile while you’re on the phone (yes, they’ll be able to hear it and feel it). Show up 5 minutes early to any meeting with a customer. Follow up and follow through. While the above may seem obvious, it’s always the little things that matter. Ensure that everyone on your team gets it. 
  2. Under-promise and over-deliver. At StaffStat, we pride ourselves on being transparent and honest. Have you ever heard the saying that if you don’t lie, you’ll never have to remember anything? I’ve seen so many companies make promises to prospects that they can’t keep. You NEVER want to be that organization. The simplest way to avoid getting yourself out of hot water is pretty easy. Be honest. Don’t oversell your deliverables. Don’t understate your timelines. Don’t lie.
  3. Patience is key. You get your product or your service. You likely work in it and on it every day. Those who purchase your product or use your service may have questions that, to you, seem obvious. When answering questions, be kind, be aware and be patient.
  4. Be available. We offer 24/7/365 customer service at StaffStat. What I tell organizations that use our service is that our product should help them, not be a detriment. If they or their staff EVER have a question, we let them know that we’re here for them. We provide them with Customer Service business cards to hand out whenever anyone has a question. Being available in today’s world of “I want an answer now!”, is inevitably going to help make your organization, an organization of choice.

There’s a quote by Kate Zabriskie that goes like this: “The customer’s perception is your reality”. Keep that in mind when setting customer service goals for your organizations and know that the only standard is a high standard when it comes to customers, clients and users alike.

~ Mel Morin, CEO of StaffStat

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