10 Types of Social Media Content You Should Post as a Business Owner

Planning and scheduling of content can be a daunting task. Many business owners who utilize social media often wonder how often to post, when to post and where they should be posting. One of the more important questions they should be asking themselves is “what should I be posting?” Of course, the answer is different for every business depending on your target audience, but I have compiled a list of the types of content you can post on social media as a business owner. Try some of these out and see what works best for you to spark engagement!

  1. Posts that let your company’s culture shine: It feels great to brag once in a while. So why not share a post about a milestone moment for your business, a company celebration, or a few behind the scenes images of what your company and your employees are up to.
  2. Your company’s blog posts: If your company has a blog that is current and regularly updated, share those posts! This is a win-win because you know that you’re sharing quality content that directly speaks to your audience, brand, product/service and it’s a great way to increase views on your blog.
  3. Job listings: Have a vacancy in your business to fill? Social media is a great way to get your job ads seen by the masses and reach individuals in your target market who are likely interested in your product/service and likely would love an opportunity to work for you!
  4. Inspirational quotes: These types of posts usually perform quite well in terms of likes/shares and are a way to incorporate fun and inspiring content into your brand. Quotes can also be posted by basically any business because it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to find quotes about topics that directly relate to your industry.
  5. #NationalDays: In 2019, StaffStat came up with the idea to celebrate every single one of the National Days on our Instagram page (or at least attempt to!). Every single day of the year is known for one or more inspiring, wacky or silly ideas, such as National Butter Tart Day, or National Seniors Day. Check out https://nationaldaycalendar.com/ for a list of ideas for every single day of the year. Try posting a few of the National Days throughout the year that directly align with your brand and industry!
  6. Testimonials: Most individuals read reviews and comments before making a purchase. Sprinkling your newsfeed with branded glowing testimonial images is an incredible way to boast about your brand!
  7. Industry News: A great way to increase engagement on your social platforms is to post news articles directly related to your industry. I would recommend sharing stories that are positive and uplifting in nature. Feel good, heart-warming stories are usually the ones that tend to go viral, are shared plenty, and usually form a lot of conversation around the topic. This will also help position yourself as an expert in your industry.
  8. Statistics: Back up your product/service with some hard data! At Plan A, we often share posts regarding the number of health care professionals in our pool and the number of hours of care we provide to our Long Term Care partners over a certain period of time.
  9. Memes/Gifs: Add some fun to your page by sharing memes/gifs that relate to your brand/industry. You can even get creative and create your own memes that relate to your business based on popular ones that are trending at the time.
  10. Contests: Want to increase engagement and your following? Contests are a fantastic way to do exactly that. Be sure to give away something that your audience would find valuable and that is directly related to your service/product offering if at all possible. Be sure to be as clear as possible when creating rules surrounding your contest to ensure entering the contest is as easy as possible for your audience.

There you have it—ten different types of content that you can publish on your company’s social platforms! Be sure to stay tuned for part two coming soon to The A Dot! Let me know if you implement any of the above in your content planning by leaving a comment below.

~ Megan Patrakka, Marketing Manager

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