My Experience with Plan A: Cassey, PSW, Plan A Sudbury

Working for Plan A has made my life easy. Whether I’m going to school or helping out my family, Plan A has always been able to work around my schedule, which makes life much, much easier and provides me with a great work-life balance.

You can tell that your helping hands go a long way when you go into the LTC homes because you’re ensuring the homes and their staff don’t work short-handed that day…and they are extremely appreciative! 

I went into Long Term Care not knowing a whole lot of older adults since my grandparents passed before I came to be. Now every single day in my job I am getting to know the older adults in LTC homes and it has been a real treat for me. I enjoy their company as much as they enjoy mine.

One special moment of mine while working in Long Term Care was the time that I was present shortly after a resident’s wife had passed away. I took the extra 5 minutes with him to make sure he was doing okay. He showed me that he and his wife used to look up and see the moon every night since you could see it from his room. That night, I decided to sit with him. We looked at the moon together and I had a nice little chat with him. The moon that night just so happened to be a beautiful gigantic full moon. When I left that night, he simply said “thank you” and you could tell those extra 5 minutes meant the world to him. Every time I care for that resident we still ask each other if we’ve seen the moon lately.

Having that moment with that resident has made me take a step back and see where I can give an “extra five minutes” to anyone else. You never know how much your time means to someone.

~ Cassey Mohns, PSW, Plan A Sudbury

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