15 Signs You May Be A Plan A Owner

Since joining The A Team, I’ve noticed that there are certain traits that all Plan A owners possess. Here are 15 signs you might be a Plan A owner:

  1. Your wardrobe is made up of mostly Plan A t-shirts and you plan your outfit to match them. You ask yourself, “where am I going today? Do I need to wear my Plan A t-shirt? How many Plan A t-shirts do I have in my closet? What colours do I have and what goes best with that Plan A t-shirt? A scarf or jewelry?”
  2. You have not had a good night’s sleep since you signed THAT contract. This is especially true for the new franchise owners who can’t go to bed until their Smartsheet is perfect, all of their invoices are done, there is no red on their StaffStat calendar, and your to-do list for the day is complete.
  3. When talking with friends, you’re constantly saying things like, “Hey! We filled 89% of our shifts!” or “Hey! We got a new home!” or “Hey! we have two new employees!”
  4. You always bring things like candy, donuts, and flowers to the homes you visit and try to build a relationship with the receptionist in hopes that they connect you with the Director of Care. 
  5. You have spoken to 43 people just to get through three references for one candidate.
  6. You have 1500 Plan A pens and love to give them out to anyone who wants one because hey, they are awesome pens!
  7. “On-call” for you means calls at 2 AM, at 6:30 AM, and at 5:15 PM. It means posting last-minute shifts when you’re in the grocery store or driving on the 401. Our support is what sets us apart! 
  8. You answer your home phone by saying “Good afternoon, Plan A…” by mistake.
  9. You can’t contain the excitement you feel when your Indeed ad costs you your max amount for that month and you get tons of resumes! 
  10. You base your spring vacation plans around conference/retreat time.
  11. You can manage a phone call, answer a text and email a response all at once now.
  12. You like everyone’s Facebook posts because we are a team and we need to support one another in every avenue of life.
  13. You have open shifts on StaffStat so you keep refreshing the screen 100 times per minute, waiting for the shifts to be picked up…and getting extremely excited once they’re picked up! 
  14. A day after your meeting with the DOC you analyze everything you said and did. Was your breath bad? Did you not make good eye contact? Did you say something wrong? Did you not shake hands right? Did you say too much…or too little? Maybe her phone is broken? Maybe she is sick? What if she doesn’t like me.
  15. You find the perfect jeans to wear with your Plan A T-shirt.

I would not trade any of this for the world as I am a proud Plan A owner of two locations and I absolutely love what I do.

~ Christine Hall, Owner/Operator, Plan A Durham & Plan A Niagara

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