My Experience with Plan A: Cindy V, RPN

Hello! My name is Cindy V and I work as an RPN with Plan A! I became a nurse after raising my two sons because life just kind of steered me in that direction and I determined that it was a good fit for me. Since becoming a nurse, I have worked in Medical, Psychiatry, Surgery, ER, and LTC, each one requiring a very different approach to nursing.

I began working in Long Term Care with Plan A because I really liked the way it was set up and because my availability would work well with their needs. I had worked for them as a PSW while in school and was impressed by their ability to continually grow and expand. I also love that such an incredible business was created locally!

My family is all from Manitoulin Island and whether it’s good genes or a long history of “eating what you grow”, most of my relatives live to be 90+, some over 100. Only a few have ever had to go to LTC so I really wasn’t familiar with that setting, which why I was intrigued in working with Plan A. I had preconceived ideas that LTC homes were places of loneliness and suffering but when I started my position with Plan A I was pleasantly surprised. The home I pick up shifts at through Plan A usually has me working the same floor so the residents now know me and are familiar with me and I know them all by name. The best thing about going to the home is that it’s like going to visit friends. I love getting to know all of the residents, and sometimes I get to know their families. Also, the staff have all been incredibly helpful, supportive and welcoming. Yes, it’s a different type of nursing than I was once familiar with, but I love the personal aspect of it — I look forward to picking up those shifts with Plan A!

~Cindy V, RPN, Plan A Sudbury

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