10 (More) Types of Social Media Content You Should Post as a Business Owner

As a business owner (or someone in charge of managing social media platforms for a business), it can be challenging to imagine new and creative ways to showcase your brand online. I’m back again this month to provide you with 10 more types of content to help you build your social media following and spark engagement. Check out last month’s post here: http://bit.ly/2NPD7ip

  1. Ask questions:  Most social platforms have a great feature built-in where you can ask your audience a question. This is a great way to gather research about your audience and learn more about their habits/thoughts/feelings surrounding your brand.
  2. Tips/hacks/how-tos: People generally love learning all there is to know about products/services/brands they love. Share with your audience information that will allow them to get the most out of what you’re offering. Examples include sharing the benefits of a service you offer, product care tips, etcetera. 
  3. FAQs: If there are questions that you are regularly asked by your audience, consider answering each one in a new post as a campaign. This works great because not only are you sharing valuable information about your brand, but you are also posting regular content with a purpose and theme.
  4. Holiday posts: Posting holiday-related images will resonate with your audience because it gives your brand a human component. A simple image with your branding is a great way to show your audience you love certain holidays just as much as they do! 
  5. Infographics: These are a great way to showcase a variety of information in a fun way! You can easily find infographics related to your industry, or you can create a few that are specific to your brand! Examples can include how-to’s, step-by-step processes, highlighting stats & testimonials, and more! Get creative!
  6. Highlight your own staff: New hire in your business? Announce them on social media with their picture, a brief bio, and a fun fact! Again, this helps bring out the human element of your brand. 
  7. Share photos from your audience. Were you tagged in a post from someone in your audience repping your brand in some way? Share it on your brand’s social platforms! This will let others in your audience know that people LOVE your product/service. It’s also a pretty cool feeling when seeing your photo/post re-shared by the brands you love.
  8. Share brand events. Hosting a job fair? Organizing a charity event? Let your followers know where they can find you! Be sure to give your following enough notice about the event and regularly post reminders that the event is approaching. You should also post photos of the actual day, and a ’thank you’ after the event. Take advantage of Facebook’s Events feature where you can post and advertise your event to your local community and beyond! 
  9. Share the events you’re attending. Sponsoring a fundraiser? Attending a conference? Exhibiting at a trade show? Let your audience know! A great way to do this is to post countdown images leading up to the actual event as well as sharing photos and videos the day of, and providing a recap or sharing highlights following the completion of the event. 
  10. Recycle posts. It’s perfectly okay to recycle content once you have a lot of it developed, but only if the message still resonates with your brand. If sharing old photos from past events, a great way to do so is to use various content hashtags such as #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday. Be careful of reposting the same content too many times because your audience will likely become bored with seeing the same content over and over again. 

There you have it—a total of 20 different types of content for you to publish on your social platforms! Do you have any additional types of content to add to my master list? Leave a comment below!

~ Megan Patrakka, Marketing Manager, Plan A Long Term Care Staffing & Recruitment/StaffStat

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