5 Ways To Make The Most Of Work-Related Travel

Scenario 1: You’re firmly planted at your desk. You’re getting things done and checking items off of your to-do list. There is no doubt that you’re making things happen. You have online meetings, you take customer service calls, you answer emails. You do what you need to and you know that you serve a true purpose.

Scenario 2: You’re driving around using your Waze app looking for the Long Term Care home that you’re about to meet with. You eat breakfast and lunch in your rental car between meetings. You live out of your suitcase pretty much on a daily basis and while it’s not always perfect, you love that you get to travel to meet with Administrators, DOCs, ADOCs, Schedulers, Charge Nurses and front-line staff.

My month is always made up of a little bit of Scenario 1 and a little bit of Scenario 2. I’ve travelled across Ontario, I’ve flown to the good old US of A and I recently had the opportunity to visit 8 homes starting up with StaffStat in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Travelling can be tough on the body and tough on the mind but there are ways to make your travels benefit you and your company. Here’s a list of 5 things I do while on the road to make the most of any work-related travel:

  1. If I know I’ll be driving, I use Waze. The Waze app is a navigation app that pops up on your screen while you’re driving. Beyond giving you the next turn or the next exit, it gives you a heads up on upcoming hazards on the road, cops up ahead and speed limit changes. Waze users are the ones who report while they drive which keeps the app up to date and extremely helpful when you’re a road warrior.
  2. If I’m staying anywhere for more than 1 night, I typically go with an Airbnb. It’s cheaper, easier and provides some of the comforts of home. The things I look for when booking: Self-check-in, free parking, full kitchen, the place to myself, and a washer and dryer. I like to kick back in the evening and not feel the constraints of hotel living. If you book the right one, it can make your trip so enjoyable! Some people shy away from Airbnbs but if you book with a Super Host, it’s sure to be a great stay.
  3. I’m always airport ready. I check-in online, I’ve got going through security down to an art and I always arrive when I should. I bring headphones, I bring a book and I download my latest Netflix addiction for the flight. I’m ready for anything! Flights sometimes get delayed or even cancelled. It happens. I never stress while I’m travelling because, in the end, I know it will always work out.
  4. Travelling with a co-worker is a great way to team-build while you drive. When you’re driving solo, it can get a little lonely. You can’t respond to emails which limits your ability to work. I make the most of my travel by downloading an eBook and listening to whatever I’m in the mood for while I drive. Sometimes that’s The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and sometimes it’s a great find on leadership or inspiration. Depending on the day, I select what ‘I need’.
  5. FaceTime is a saviour! On a nightly basis, I FaceTime with family and friends. I’m a person who rarely gets homesick but that’s likely because I keep in touch while I’m away. I get to chat and see the people I know and love and that makes my heart happy and sometimes, that’s all you need!

If you have any travel tips, I would love to hear them! Leave a comment to share your travel do’s with others!

~ Mel Morin, CEO of StaffStat

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