My Nursing Journey: Janik, PSW (Nursing Student), Plan A Sudbury

When I graduated high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do in my post-secondary journey. I decided to go into Nursing without really knowing what I was getting myself into. I chose this career based on my personality and intentions. I was also interested in studying in the healthcare field in general.  

After my first year as a nursing student, I started working in Long Term Care as a PSW. I had the opportunity to get patient care experience and practice my overall patient approach, which are important concepts in nursing school. It was honestly so rewarding to be able to optimize my patients’ well-being while working. I have realized how good helping others makes me feel. That summer, I discovered the real reasons why I want to be a nurse. By working in Long Term Care, I realized that our job truly makes a difference in patients’ lives, especially when for many residents, their only company is you.

When I moved back to Sudbury for school, I wanted to continue working in Long Term Care, but I didn’t know what my options were. I attended a presentation by Plan A Sudbury at Laurentian University and decided to apply. It was the best decision ever! Every time I leave the LTC homes, I feel so satisfied with my work. I understand how much of a difference I can make in the LTC homes by picking up extra shifts. Even though I am busy with school and placements, I always try to pick up shifts as much as I can to help the health care professionals working in LTC homes. I am very grateful for this job. It gives me the chance to give health care workers a hand by providing quality care for patients in LTC, and they all deserve it.

~ Janik Dufour, PSW (Nursing Student), Plan A Sudbury


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