A Letter to My Fellow Nurses

For anyone who works in nursing, or aspires to become a nurse, I encourage you to never forget to practice your incredible and truly special gifts, talents and individual uniqueness with every human interaction you make. From one nurse to another, I encourage you to never forget that each time you are in contact with a client, you make a big impact on their present life, and it may be the only real human contact they will receive that day. Thank you to those nurses who always welcome their clients with a smile that reaches their eyes and lights up their faces. Continue to impact their senses with your delicate steps, the warmth of your touch, the music of your words and the promise of your time. As a nurse, some of our greatest rewards include knowing and observing the short and long term positive results of our interventions.

As nurses, let’s empower each other and embrace our successes in improving the lives of all individuals. This profession, an extension of oneself, overflows in our personal lives. Each contact with family, friends, neighbours, and strangers in our life journey is based on caring and love, and always being able to help. We are a walking and talking wealth of information able to promote, maintain, and improve the health and wellbeing in ourselves and others.

We are wonderfully made, unique human beings, with needs and wants of our own as well. We need to remember to be diligent in including the same loving and caring touches towards ourselves; giving needs to be re-energized. Make time for you. You need to please your soul in order to keep on being that special earth angel, creating memorable memories in others’ life stories.  

I am proud of being a nurse and I am proud of my nursing family. 

~Angele B., RN, Plan A Sudbury 


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