My Journey To Plan A: Griselda Banegas, Hiring Specialist – Team Lead, Plan A Toronto

I would like to introduce myself! My name is Griselda, but everyone calls me Nani! I was once the Recruitment Administrator for Plan A, but I am now a Hiring Specialist for Plan A Toronto. Being a Hiring Specialist has given me the opportunity to meet so many applicants from many different countries with very different cultural backgrounds. There are a couple of questions on the interview questionnaire that I ask candidates when I meet with them during the interview process. These questions, which usually relate to touching experiences, or the reason why they decided to become a health care professional, often seem to bring that soft, emotional part out of every single candidate. Their response causes them to cry, and then I cry. Next thing you know, we are both awkwardly laughing and crying at the same time. This must happen to every Hiring Specialist though, right? No? Just me?! Okay!

I think the reason that I get so emotional is because of the love I have for my family. I have a super soft for all of them, but when it comes to my Grandma, my heart just melts. My Grandma has purple hair and she recently asked me to help her change her hair colour to pink because “a little change would be nice”. Yes, she is 86 and she wants a makeover.

My family lives in Honduras. I moved to Sudbury in 2018 to finish my studies and start a new career. I am a very proud Latina and you will often hear “back in my country…”, “Latinos do it this way…” and because of the love and passion I put in my words (and often exaggerated body movements), I always get the same questions from my colleagues and applicants: “It must be hard, eh?!”, “You must miss them so much!?” I always respond, YES! I miss them, I love them and it’s hard of course. I miss it ALL! But with my job at Plan A I, get to meet people that have the same passion for family. Everyone around me is working towards the same goal: to take care of our vulnerable population—our elderly. Maybe I am away from my Grandma, but I try my best to hire top-of-the-line candidates so they can go and take care of all the other Grandmas that, just like mine, need some extra special care.

It’s hard to be away from my family, the amazing food and the year-round summer. But everyone who surrounds me makes it a little bit easier. 

~ Griselda Banegas, Hiring Specialist – Team Lead, Plan A Long Term Care Staffing & Recruitment

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