10 Life Lessons To Live By

As I’ve navigated through challenges, victories, and life in general, these are the gems I’ve picked up along the way.

  1. Goals are everything.

If you run around aimlessly wondering when life will happen, it likely never will. Think of what you want your end result to be, figure out the steps to get you there and action it out. 

  1. You control your emotions.

When things go wrong, you choose how you react. It boils down to you.  

  1. Every day is a gift.

When you open your eyes in the morning, be grateful. It’s a new day and not only are you alive, but you also have the opportunity to make the most of it.

  1. Love what you do.

Anyone can get a 9 to 5 and make ends meet. I have the luxury of having a genuine love for what I do. It’s a game-changer.

  1. Don’t talk down to yourself.

The only thing you accomplish with negative self-talk is inserting doubt in your mind and the minds of others. You deserve better. Be kind to yourself.

  1. Own up to your mistakes.

Accountability, accountability, accountability. It does more than allow you to have a clear conscience. It garners respect and allows you to grow from the day to day mistakes we’re all bound to make.

  1. Live YOUR best life.

Social media has a way of making you feel the inevitable FOMO effect. Life is happening while you’re wishing you could be doing more. Instead of dreaming about a better life, make it happen.

  1. Surround yourself with people who have your back.

Your circle might be small and mighty or it might be large and boisterous. In either case, ensure that those you spend your precious time with are people who have your back.

  1. It’s ok to say no.

If you’re going to yes, let it be for something that makes you feel good in some way. Learning to say no translates to spending more time doing the things that you love.

  1. Listen!

The only way you learn is by listening. If you’re too busy talking all the time, you risk turning people off. Be the winner in the conversation. Ask interesting questions. Engage. Learn.

~ Mel Morin, CEO, StaffStat

One thought on “10 Life Lessons To Live By

  1. Linda-Lea Quigley

    I thought this was a great read. I liked the little pointers about loving what you do, loving yourself, being accountable, and being ok with making mistakes because it is all about learning!


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