My Anxiety Board: Staying Grounded During Uncertain Times

Today, I wanted to share the anxiety board I made to help me stay grounded during this uncertain time. I reflect upon it daily as a reminder that this will pass. Some of the items I included on my board were positive quotes, daily reminders of things I need to do to stay in a routine, things I am looking forward to, things I am grateful for and opportunities I have/can take during this difficult time. 
As an INFJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging) person, I am very sensitive and close relationships are what I thrive on, so social distancing has me feeling really down. I made this board to help remind me that it’s just another storm we need to weather and that rather than social distancing we are just physical distancing.
I thought I would share it for other people that might be struggling as well. Especially because many people still feel they need to hide their vulnerabilities. It’s okay to feel nervous, anxious or scared. That’s part of being human. Those emotions are our superpowers. 
I know some people may have the option to reach out to an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) – like I did-  for help but they may be shy or uncertain about it. I’m happy to report my experience with the EFAP program was 100% confidential and I had a positive experience with them. There are many other resources available for you, so be sure to seek those out if you ever feel the need to. The CHMA’s website is a great place to start ( 
My goal through all this uncertainty is to make things a little brighter any way that I can!  So please feel free to make your own anxiety board, and tag your local Plan A. Hopefully it will help calm you or someone you know the next time you have heavy feelings of uncertainty, nervousness, or anxiety. 
We are going to get through this… together! 
– Shared with Permission from our friend at Plan A Kingston&Quite – PK

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