4 Things I Learned During COVID-19

It feels like just yesterday that our offices were told we would be working from home for a little while to do our part in minimizing the spread and threat of COVID-19. Fast forward to today, months later, where most of our province is still working from home but things are slowly getting back to “normal” — time sure does fly! 

As I reflect on the last little while, I’m surprised by what a journey it truly has been. Below are 4 of the things that I learned these past few months:

1. Routines are extremely important. In my current role, I have had the opportunity to work from home prior to COVID-19. When we were told we would be working from home in early March, I thought that I would be perfectly fine with it. The truth is that it did take some time to adjust to this ‘new normal’. I made a few tweaks in my work from home routine, including waking up at the same time as I did when previously working in the office, getting ‘ready’ every morning by showering and wearing makeup on most days, and minimizing screen time after work. Making these little changes helped my mind differentiate between work hours and being off the clock. 

2. I love working from home. Getting comfortable with the new routine I created for myself was an absolute game changer. When working from home I now feel like I can accomplish much more in a day. Being in an office environment can sometimes prove to be challenging for those in “creative” roles like myself due to office distractions, an inability to focus, etcetera. Working from home has allowed me to map out exactly what I need my days to look like, prioritize tasks, brainstorm new ideas, and have a laser sharp focus when creating content that aligns with our vision. I truly feel that my creativity has soared over these past few months.

3. Teamwork and communication are key. Despite not meeting in person every day with my fellow colleagues, thanks to technology we still have been able to have virtual meetings on a regular basis. It’s been pretty impressive to witness the new ideas, projects, collaboration and content that our teams have been able to accomplish throughout COVID-19. We have also been able to keep our office culture alive by having one of our A Teamers host their own activity in a team meeting each week. We’ve shared a lot of laughs, learned more about one another and engaged in some friendly competition! 

4. Self-care is critical. Living alone and working from home can be challenging for many, especially when self-isolation is added to the mix. I quickly learned that I needed to make self-care a priority during this undetermined amount of time in ‘quarantine’. I made an effort to reduce screen time after work and instead focused on tasks and hobbies that I enjoyed such as reading and colouring. I implemented a routine. I tried as much as possible to “step away” from my work after work hours – both mentally and physically. I made an effort to soak up fresh air and Vitamin D daily. I continued to make time for family and friends – virtually of course – and I feel as though I was able to connect with and catch up with loved ones more these past few months than I would have been able to in person due to busy schedules, distance, and existing obligations – for this I am grateful. 

There you have it – a few things I have learned over the course of the past few months. Feel free to share some of your experiences during COVID-19 by leaving a comment below!

~Megan Patrakka, Marketing Manager, Plan A Long Term Care Staffing and Recruitment & StaffStat

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