Recruiting During COVID-19

I absolutely love recruiting health care professionals that are willing to lend their talents to make a difference in our community.  I love connecting with my community, learning from health care professionals, and hiring the very best staff for our partners. It has been an amazing opportunity and I am glad to be in a position that really brings self-growth every day by working alongside amazing individuals. These times have brought new challenges and creativity is even more important than before. I’ve needed to recruit now more than ever to be able to assist homes during these unprecedented times. 

Here are a few things that I have learned over the past few months while hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic: 

  1. Communication with my co-workers is incredibly important. I have learned that keeping in contact with co-workers daily, brainstorming ideas, and updating them on the status of work brings motivation on my part and theirs as well. It is especially important to be able to work as a team, even when working in different locations. All tasks can be divided equally, co-workers can be supported, and nothing is neglected or forgotten. It has also helped with the morale of the team. Bouncing ideas off each other was easily done in our office, and now being able to do it virtually or over the phone still brings great creativity and great growth in the company. 
  1. Networking can still be achieved virtually or over the phone. Plan A Timmins has always been incredibly involved in community events and networking events since inception. Even during COVID, we were able to get creative and participate in networking with the Chamber of Timmins. By attending these virtual events, Plan A Timmins was still active and present in the community. 
  1. Virtual job fairs have been my new normal for recruitment. Virtual job fairs has given me the opportunity for the business to continue to “be out in the community” and surprisingly, we have had great success with it! Virtual job fairs have made it possible for health care professionals to learn more about Plan A whenever works best with their busy schedules! The end result? More individuals applying because they had the time to gather information and attend interviews at times that are more convenient for them.

During this time, we have transformed as a team and have embraced the virtual world which has successfully brought us more amazing applicants. I cannot be more proud to be part of this team of health care professionals we employ – we are truly making a difference in LTC.

~ Karine Giroux, Recruiter, Plan A Timmins

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