My Experience Working As A Member Of One Of Plan A’s COVID-Care Teams

I am an RPN student who has just completed my first year. I signed on with Plan A  Kingston/Quinte for a summer position with hopes of gaining lots of experience through multiple shifts at different LTC homes. COVD-19 changed that plan like it changed plans for so many people this summer. Just when things were looking grim, like I might not be able to get much experience at all, Sarah Cadorette, Owner of Plan A Kingston & Quinte, approached me with an offer to join the COVID-Care Team as a PSW. Naturally, there was some trepidation about willingly working in the midst of this deadly pandemic, but after gathering all the information and considering all the pros and cons, I jumped in – all in!  The opportunity to be on the frontline, to HELP, to fill a need where the gap was so desperate, to LEARN in such unprecedented times, far outweighed the risks.  

I was deployed as part of the COVID-Care Team to one of the hardest-hit LTC homes and worked there for just over 4 weeks.  The support I received from Sarah as the Team Leader was unwavering and allowed me to enter each day with confidence. Considering my only other experience was my first year clinical, this was an amazing learning curve. This hands-on experience in such under-staffed and critical conditions expanded my knowledge more than I could have ever expected. The special connections I made with my patients have completely changed my outlook on LTC.  In fact, prior to this experience, I likely would not have chosen a career that included LTC nursing. Now, LTC nursing is a serious consideration for my future.  

Being a part of this team has grown my nursing skills and my confidence as a person. I’ve learned that being passionate, empathetic and patient with those for whom I’m caring for means everything to them. This experience has confirmed my love of this work and has further proven that I have chosen the right career for me. 

I would like to thank everyone at Plan A Kingston & Quinte and those who were part of the COVID-Care Team for their dedication. Plan A has provided strong support to their employees in this situation and has demonstrated a genuine caring of those who need it most.

~ Charlotte Woodall, PSW, Nursing Student, Plan A Kingston & Quinte

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