From A-Team Field Staff to A-Team Office Staff

Hello past, present and future A-Teamers!

I started with Plan A Sarnia Chatham in September/ October 2019. I technically applied in July but I was slow-moving in getting orientation scheduled. Being on the other side, I now understand how frustrating that was for Simone and the girls in the office.

I applied to Plan A for a PSW position and heard back the next day! Like a lot of applicants I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, I didn’t think Plan A was real. How could a company like this exist? They’re going to pay me well over my expectations, provide 24/7 staff support and I have 100% control over my schedule… This has to be too good to be true, right?

WRONG! I fell in love with being a PSW again! I came from working in both community and long term care for a number of years and then I found Plan A. Being able to choose my own schedule made me excited to go into work because I CHOSE to be there. I wasn’t just following a schedule my company provided to me, and believe you me, there were no shortages of shifts available to be picked up. I was working in Strathroy one day, Chatham another; I just love being able to work in multiple homes.

Fast forward 5 months, I received a call from Simone Chisholm, Plan A Sarnia Chatham’s Chief Happiness Officer and Boss Lady (Owner and Operator), offering an opportunity for a recruiting position. I remember I was just getting off the floor for lunch. When I checked my voicemail there was one from Simone asking me to give her a call back. Getting off the phone I felt like I could start moving forward in my career again. 

Having only ever taken 1 business course in 2009 I was literally coming into this side of healthcare blind. Oh sure I was proficient in Microsoft Office but who isn’t these days right? All I needed was a chance and the motivation to prove myself a worthy candidate for the recruiting position in the Sarnia Chatham territory. Ladies and gentleman, I am here today to tell you – DON’T BE AFRAID OF CHANGE! If an opportunity presents itself, TAKE IT. It could be an opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t give in to imposter syndrome! I spent the next 7 months making myself completely available to learn. #BestJobEver 

Working with Plan A, I have grown as a person and I am constantly being motivated by my team to do and be better. The environment that Simone has created with her team is positive and encouraging and allows me to grow my skills as a Talent Attraction Ninja & Workflow Guru (Recruiter & Administrative Assistant).

Being a recruiter during the COVID-19 pandemic… that is something else entirely. I started this role in February/March 2020 (enough said right?). I was only just learning how the regular day-to-day works: interviews, policies and procedures, agreements, answering emails and making sure all documents required have either been submitted or signed… and then a pandemic happens…? What? We had to adapt to a number of different changes in healthcare as a whole and come up with creative ways to continue to hire health care professionals. Still to this day we have not stopped hiring. Zoom was interesting to learn how to navigate. The number of Zoom interviews that turned into phone interviews was surprising. I would say that we found a work flow and went with it. Going with the flow and communication are the keys to working during this pandemic in my opinion. 

Simone bought the Windsor territory in January 2020. This is HUGE! She needed help with recruiting because of the quantity of applications that were coming in. We had back to back interviews for weeks! I traveled from Sarnia to Windsor for about 4 weeks before settling in the Sarnia Chatham offices. This industry has some serious need for health care providers and Plan A is providing!

All in all, Plan A is my game changer. I don’t even want to think about where I might be working right now if not with Plan A and Simone Chisholm. 

I am happy. I am healthy. I am an A-Teamer. 

If you’re reading this right now and you’re not an A Teamer yet, what are you waiting for? Come work with us – we have locations all across Ontario! Come learn why we are the best job ever.

~ Jordan Taylor, Talent Attraction Ninja & Workflow Guru, Plan A Sarnia Chatham & Windsor

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