My Plan A Journey

For me, wanting to make a difference in the healthcare sector has always been a goal of mine. I first became interested in the healthcare field in university where I was a part of several clubs focused on healthcare for vulnerable groups. Here I learned about the different struggles people with disabilities, those without permanent housing, and the elderly face in Canada. I pursued a career in the non-profit sector, working to raise funds to improve accessibility, programming, and research for individuals living with MS. Despite playing a vital role in achieving fundraising goals, I felt like I was missing something – I didn’t feel as though I was playing as direct of a role in changing Canadian healthcare as I wanted to. After joining Plan A York, this feeling has changed drastically. 

As part of the A Team, I work alongside Plan A York’s Owner, Tessa Anderson, to help fill staffing shortages in York Region’s LTC homes. As the Recruiting Specialist, I have a unique opportunity to screen and select employees that I know represent Plan A’s values – empathy, professionalism, and excellence. Through this role, I know that I am making a direct impact in improving care for some of our most vulnerable people. At Plan A York, and all Plan A locations, our mission is to provide excellent care and help homes operate in “Plan A” through our capable and compassionate staff. I am so proud to be a member of this team where I can truly better the lives of Canadians.

During my first few months working as a Recruiting Specialist for Plan A York, I have come across so many passionate individuals who are working tirelessly to provide quality care for those in LTC homes. From a desire to support nursing home staffing shortages to a sense of personal responsibility, I have really enjoyed getting to know what motivates our field staff to continue working through COVID-19. Currently, I am really excited to be working on the Plan A York Holiday Employee Appreciation Campaign, through which Tessa and myself get the opportunity to show our appreciation for the Plan A York staff through prizes celebrating everything our staff have accomplished this year! I love the connection we have with our staff and I hope they feel supported by us every time they enter a home. I am looking forward to growing the York Region A-Team through 2021, and am so grateful to know that my work is directly improving the response to COVID-19 in the Long Term Care sector.  

~ Claire McGratton, Recruiting Specialist, Plan A York

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