Supporting the Families of Who We Support

When a loved one loses their independence, it’s never easy for any family. But these days, it is harder than ever before to navigate the care options available for an aging individual. 

Families who organized Long Term Care for their parents, grandparents and loved ones in 2019 could have never known what would happen to the health care industry across the globe in the months to come. Normally, nurses and personal support workers only focus on providing care to our most vulnerable population, but the ongoing virus crisis has created a need for our healthcare workers to go even further in caring for the extended families of their residents.

Gone are the days when grandkids, cousins, past colleagues and friends could drop into LTC and retirement homes for communal visits and gift a smile to the residents. That responsibility has now been shouldered by the health care workers who need to supervise the social distancing of visits, assist visitors with PPE, facilitate video calls, and supplement the human connection residents who cannot have visitors are deprived of. 

Furthermore, Canada will be short an estimated 60,000 registered nurses by 2022, not including all other health care professionals. The situation is especially acute in Ontario where there are 20% fewer nurses per 100,000 people than the Canadian average

Plan A is always looking to proactively fulfill the needs of our health care professionals and help them balance the shortage of staff against the increase of care needed for both residents and their families. That’s why we introduced new designations into our staff pool to assist with meals, facilitating video calls, supervising visits, sanitizing spaces, speaking with the families, and most of all supplying quality company to the residents.  

We are proud to be hiring Dietary Aides and Support Services Aides to provide much-deserved assistance to our health care workers as they care for those who need it most. 

Everything has changed in the past 13 months— the health care sector included. We need all Hands on Deck AND All Hearts on Deck. Plan A works hard every day to ease the burden on health care workers by taking care of the people who take care of our most vulnerable people.

Do you agree that more workers are needed in the health care sector across Canada?

If you’re a health care professional, what is one thing you wish more people knew? Share in the comments below!

~ Kat Ottley, Recruitment & Administration Assistant at Plan A Ottawa

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