5 Tips to Follow When Job Searching

Searching for a new career? Be sure to read through these tips and apply them to your job search. After working in a recruitment role for five years, I’ve noticed a trend in applicants who are successful in hiring on with Plan A. Hopefully these tips will help you be successful in your job search, too! 

  1. Research the company you’re applying to work with. You’d be surprised how often applicants ask us for an explanation of what type of a company we are during interviews. If you’ve submitted an application to work somewhere, you should at least know what that company’s main business activity is. This often results in an interview being cancelled before it even gets started, simply because the applicant isn’t interested in the job now that they know what’s involved. Read through the job description and take a look at their website. Reading the “About Us” section should tell you all you need to know! Want to take it a step further? Check to see if you’re interviewer’s biography is on the website and read up on them too! It shows that you’re truly interested in the position and that you’re able to take initiative. 
  1. Follow instructions and pay attention. Recruiters are usually quite busy and often have multiple applicants they’re moving through the hiring process, while also finding placements for their newly hired team members. The less work you make for them, the better. You want to stand out, and not in a bad way. Always assume there are other applicants that you’re competing against for the job you applied to. If you’re emailed a list of things to do, double and triple check that you’ve done everything and complete the entire list as soon as possible. The recruiter will appreciate your attention to detail, and it will also start off your relationship with your new employer on a positive note. 
  1. Don’t be pushy or over eager. The last thing you want to do is come off as annoying to the person who gets to decide whether or not you get hired. Remember: always assume there are other applicants that you’re competing against for the job you applied to. Your interviewer is likely fielding calls about vacant positions, interviews, reference checks, etc. If you have a question that you truly need answered, call or email and BE PATIENT. Allow them a reasonable amount of time to respond if you don’t get in touch with them right away. 
  1. Avoid terms of endearment. My recruiter, Claire, and I were recently discussing some of the issues that she’s been facing, and applicants referring to her as “hun” or “hunny” was one of them. Keep in mind that regardless of how great you get along with someone, they are not your best friend and should always be referred to in a professional manner. Generally, when you first meet someone and they introduce themselves, they’re introducing themselves in the way that they like to be addressed. If they say, “Hi, I’m Tessa”, call them Tessa. If they say, “Hi, I’m Miss Anderson”, call them Miss Anderson. When in doubt, go with mister/miss ________.
  1. Have questions ready. Think about what it is that you want to get out of a new position and have questions ready to ask so you know whether or not the company you’re meeting with for an interview is able to meet those demands. Do you have a certain salary you’re hoping to be paid? Are benefits a make or break? Can you only work a specific shift time and only on certain days? Make sure to ask any pertinent questions at the end of your interview or, if possible, before you even schedule an interview. Something simple like, “Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?” shows that you’re interested, that you’ve taken time to consider the position and that you’re invested in making sure it’s the right fit.

Those are all the tips I have to share for now! Have any you’d like to add? Leave them in the comments below!

~Tessa Anderson, Owner, Plan A York

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