It’s OK to Ask for Help

When I approach Long Term Care homes within our communities, I approach them as Sarah—Sarah, the living, breathing, aging human being with aging family members that may be frightened to one day be placed into the health care system. I come from a place of no judgment, no blame game, but rather a position of having a solution and wanting to help. When did it become a bad thing to reach out and ask for help? Why did it become an “us versus them” mentality? I know that I got into this sector to make an impact and to create change as I feel so many others have done.

My business partner Betty and I, along with our entire team of A-Teamers, pride ourselves on providing a staffing solution, and being a staffing partner to our sector. Being short-staffed, experiencing low retention rates, and having staff that feel underappreciated are the largest problems in the twenty-first century working world. People crave the ultimate work-life balance—the ability to choose when they work, and working to create the life that they want. Plan A created and continues to create a solution for both our Long Term Care partners and our A Team of health care professionals. 

We feel that it is so important to offer incredible flexibility to our employees, allowing them to create their own work schedules based on their availability and preferences. In return, the shifts that are filled, are filled by a staff member that works their hardest and with their truest integrity. This model appeals to many in the workforce, from students to new grads to parents to semi-retired—this unique opportunity is perfect for those who dream of work and life balancing on their terms or around their other life commitments.

With this model of flexibility, and company values such as #AllHeartsOnDeck, #ItTakesAVillage, and #TeamLTC, our entire organization has created a unique solution for our sector and the #BestJobEver for health care professionals. We are hiring individuals who truly want to make a difference in the lives of our aging population. One of our PSWs, Melissa Hart, recently sent along a message about her experience working with us: “The behind-the-scenes management team is positive, compassionate, and very approachable. Each home they enter, they enhance the work environment, lessen stress and ease burdens. I honestly would not work for any other organization as Plan A Kingston & Quinte allows me to feel like I am making a difference and at the end of the day you know you are valued.” 

For the past 16 months, our Long Term Care sector has been in the news for their tireless fight against COVID-19. It goes without saying that where there is a crisis, many individuals see an opportunity. As a staffing partner, I want to ensure that Long Term Care homes are working with the people who see the opportunity to answer the call for help to assist our seniors. If you are working in or manage a Long Term Care home in the Kingston & Quinte region, I am ready to receive your call. With our dedicated pool of highly screened health care professionals in designations such as Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Personal Support Workers, Support Services Aides and Dietary Aides, we have the ability to quickly respond to needs, create strategies, and ensure a strong, sustainable and long-term relationship. 

Together we achieve more. There is no I in Team. 

Ok, I will stop there with all of the cheesy quotes, however I need you to know that even though we are apart, and may be separate organizations, we are more together than ever before. Let’s work together to create a warm, inviting, and safe place for residents to live and for staff to work. Let us nurture an environment that allows staff to blossom and work constructively together. 

Until we shake hands again, 

~ Sarah Cadorette, Owner/Operator, Plan A Kingston & Quinte

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