Making the Most of Our “New Normal”

As I sit at my desk today reflecting on the past 19 months, so many emotions are flooding my brain… and my heart. I keep hearing things on social media, like “we are strong” and “we survived”. But have we? Are we stronger? Because I personally feel like I may be more worried now than I have ever been. I am constantly worried that my children will have anxiety when meeting new people and shaking their hand, or giving a loved one they haven’t seen in quite some time a hug. Will they experience high school dances, prom, college parties and all of the fun things so many of us were once able to enjoy? I know this sounds so sad, and my blog is not meant to worry people or make them sad, but I think it’s time we all reflect on how this pandemic has changed each and every one of us, and how we will deal with these new realities. Yes, we will get back to doing the things we love, seeing loved ones and friends, but will our world ever be “back to normal”?

I went for dinner the other night with a friend, and she bumped into someone she knew. The normal, socially polite thing to do would be to say hello and put your hand out for a handshake, but the funny thing is, this fellow and I both hesitated and looked at each other with a paused look. Do we shake hands? Funny, I was taught to be polite and do so, but… things have changed.

Here’s another situation I am struggling with. I am a Plan A owner, but I am also an intensive care nurse. One part of my job is end of life care. Hundreds of times I have been the nurse to help people pass peacefully with families at their bedside. The comfort I get is knowing that these people have reached their time and I can help them do it without pain or worry with their beautiful families surrounding them. I have always taken pride in being there for not only my patients, but their mourning family members. I sometimes shed a tear with them, but ALWAYS hug them, rub their back or hold their hands during one of the most difficult times in their lives. Unfortunately, I can’t do that anymore and it pains me. 

I know this is all sounds sad, and again my intent is not to make anyone feel that way, but this is our new reality. I think that the important thing to remember is that although things may be changing, and we have to adjust to our “new normal”, we can still make every moment as special as we can and we can be grateful knowing that we did make it through—together. I have every intention of making these changes as beautiful and positive as I can. So, with that being said, I am sharing a quote I read today that really resonated with me:

Make Someone Smile Today

Let’s do it! Let us band together and make the best of it.

It’s very simple, doesn’t cost anything, good for your soul, and makes everyone feel warm inside. 

I will make it a point every single day from here on out to make someone smile today. I will share that smile, even if it’s behind my mask.

So, know that if you see me walking past you, in the store, out and about today, I am smiling. 

We will all have struggles with our “new normal”, but it’s time we accept it, embrace it and… SMILE. 

~ Natalie Daoust, Owner/Operator, Plan A Scarborough

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