There was a day, not long ago – in the A Dot, otherwise known as Azilda, Ontario, when someone by the name of Sheri Tomchick founded Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions, Inc. Azilda is a small community with a population of 14,500. Nurses from all around came to interview in her home based office. Slowly but surely, there were two desks which quickly became three. When the company outgrew her home office, a search was on for a setting that would fit the company’s vision and mission, would allow for additional growth and would provide a certain vibe/feel to anyone walking in through the doors. The stars eventually aligned and Sheri came upon the perfect little location (still in Azilda). The spot was revamped and its open concept was a staple in the group of companies (which included a software solution by the name of StaffStat). Sometimes, people would think we were part of the corner store attached next door to us. Other times, a lovely lady would randomly stop in to drop off some flowers in vases that she was growing in her yard, just to brighten our day. After outgrowing our space again, we moved to a more central location in Sudbury, where we are rapidly expanding our businesses and our team! With so many stories of multi-national companies by the likes of Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Nike among many other giants started by previously unknown genius founders from incredibly humble beginnings, the A Dot will serve as a constant reminder of who we are, our beginnings in the world of ‘start ups’  and the solutions we consistently seek.

Without further ado, welcome to The A Dot!

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